Easily Download SoundCloud tracks and playlists to MP3

About was created because available options for downloading SoundCloud tracks and playlists simply weren't good enough. There were a few problems we found with current sites:

  • Certain tracks could not be downloaded (some sites did not support tracks that were served via HLS)
  • Playlists could not be downloaded conveniently (you had to download each track of a playlist one-by-one)
  • The sites were slow and ugly

So, was designed specifically to improve upon these frustrations to be the best option for downloading SoundCloud tracks and playlists. We made sure that we focused on those three lacking areas to create the best user experience. In the end, we made three great choices:

  • Nearly all SoundCloud tracks/playlists can be downloaded (except for those SoundCloud prohibits for copyright reasons)
  • Entire playlists can be downloaded into a zip file
  • Our site is fast and sleek

Hopefully we have created the best user experience for downloading SoundCloud audio, and we are constantly seeking for improvement. If you feel there is an area/aspect of the site that could be made better, do not hesitate to contact us.